Mobile Printing

If your workforce is mobile … shouldn’t your printing solution be?

With the massive adoption of smartphones and tablets and a major shift in how and where your employees work, a mobile printing strategy is required to meet the need for on-the-go printing in and out of the office. Mobile printing enables employees to be more productive no matter where they are. No need to connect to the network, searching for print drivers or needing the help of IT just to print a simple document.

Mobile devices won’t deliver the dream of the paperless office, but the ability to access and read documents on our devices also whets our appetite to print them. Lack of access to a printer is the biggest reason why users don’t print, 48% according to InfoTrends, whilst no need to print was just 29%.

There are a lot of products that can make mobile printing smooth and easy. But there’s a difference between what’s more suited for a home or small business, and what works best in a big organisation or enterprise. A large organisation may have a range of devices from different manufacturers meaning a proprietary solution may not work for everyone, the solution should enable you to print from anywhere to anywhere.

Security is also an issue connecting mobile devices to the corporate network. The network administrator should confine those devices to the guest network for security reasons. But the guest networks may not have their own printers. Document security may also be an issue with remote users printing to unattended printers.

ITQ have a range of printing solutions enabling you to print business documents from your mobile device, notebook, tablet or smartphone when and where you need them. Send your print jobs to any enabled printer or MFD – whether you’re in the office, at home in a coffee shop or at a client site – and then simply collect the documents when you need them. These solutions make printing accessible for mobile workers and BYOD (bring your own device) situations such as schools and colleges.

To answer the often conflicting needs of usability and security ITQ recommend SafeCom Mobile Print. It is an add-on module to the SafeCom solution, combining mobility with the flexibility and security of SafeCom Smart Printing™ and is ideal for educational institutions and employees spending much of their time on the road working on mobile devices.

Safecom Mobile Print provides mobility, simplicity, flexibility and document security enabling users to print from their mobile device via e-mail or web with no security issues; users do not need to install special print drivers on their devices, nor do they need to be connected to the school or company network. Users upload the print job to a website or send the job as an e-mail attachment to a defined e-mail address. The print job is then made available for the user to collect at a SafeCom enabled network printer. And with Safecom Pull Print installed users can walk up to any SafeCom enabled printer on the network to retrieve their document using a PIN or ID card, ensuring document confidentiality.

For education particularly technology continues to evolve, teaching and learning environments are changing fast but costs have to be controlled. New, innovative instructional aids, such as smart phones and tablets, make the learning experience a more efficient and interactive engagement for teachers and students. With the need for anytime access to information educational institutions are trying to evolve quickly by adopting mobile devices as the preferred way to share information. The range of Safecom solutions for education provides printing access and ease of use with extensive cost control functionality.