Solutions looking for a problem

Technology seems to get smarter everyday running ahead of us mere mortals, how often have you seen something that looks brilliant but had no idea how you would make use of it.

A major manufacturer has recently developed erasable toner, so you start with a copy or print and end up with a blank sheet of paper. Mmm …

It’s fashionable to sneer at the idea that a particular technology is merely a solution looking desperately for a problem to justify its existence. But developing a solution is unlikely to be a rational process, it’s more dynamic and interactive than starting with a problem and moving dispassionately to a solution.

As you contemplate new technologies and scan all those problems currently faced by your business to see whether you can find an application to help what you inevitably end up with is a load of solutions looking for problems and you still have your problems.

The problem is without a dedicated team checking out what is available and how they match up you may never discover ‘your solution’. You can wait until you have a new problem to solve and then sift through each of the currently available technologies to find the most appropriate solution but then what about all the current solutions in place, would they work, and what about the ones you didn’t find.

Checking out existing problems yourself to see whether new solutions will fit is fine. But is it cost effective and will it give the best result? Also beware of inventing or reshaping a problem to fit your latest found solutions.

Solution vendors on the other hand will, naturally, have more experience of many businesses and should be aware of many more available and suitable solutions. Vendors are also, probably, easier to find and may even find you. They will have seen how the solution has developed and what it’s future is.

Talking to a vendor then makes sense but the thought of inviting a ‘salesman’ in may fill you with dread. The last thing they want is to be ‘sold to’.  But is this attitude short-sighted and outdated? Your vendor should be a trusted partner to you and your business, someone you have a relationship with or can provide impeccable references having had experience in the area you are looking for a solution for.

Unless you have the time and resources to search for a solution to your problem we would, obviously, recommend this route and obtain the services of a company such as ITQ. We have years of experience ourselves, dedicated staff looking for the ‘next big thing’ and a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of clients and suppliers. And all this is free to you whereas the wrong solution found yourself could be very costly.