Teaching Assistant® Award

KYOteaching assist2CERA Document Solutions America, Inc. announced that its business application Teaching Assistant® has been honoured with a 2017 Pick award as “Outstanding Education Market Solution” from the analysts at Buyers Lab International (BLI), and has received its prestigious Gold Tested Solution rating.

BLI’s analysts were impressed with Teaching Assistant’s ease-of-use and wide range of analytical tools, calling it an affordable solution for any school looking to assess student performance more efficiently.

To allow teachers more time to focus on their students and administrators more time for other tasks, KYOCERA developed Teaching Assistant, a business application powered by HyPAS.

Teaching Assistant is an MFP-based application that enables teachers to create and print multiple-choice “fill in the bubble” test forms, as well as grade and analyse completed tests automatically by scanning the answer key and answer sheets. The analytical tools include a grade-range histogram, top 10 easiest/hardest questions, and a combined student performance chart.


Business application from KYOCERA Document Solutions America simplifies creating, printing, grading, and analysis of “fill in the bubble” tests.

Teaching Assistant is compatible with all HyPAS enabled MFPs from ITQ adding to the functionality and options of this award winning range. It streamlines many of the processes involved in multiple-choice testing, helping teachers spend more time on other important classroom activities.

It transforms your ITQ Multifunctional Printer (MFP) into an on-demand test and survey creating, marking and analysis hub. This tool can be used in schools and training facilities, as well as any business organisation that handles large quantities of testing or feedback questionnaires wishing to improve efficiency.

Optional integration with Microsoft Excel provides even greater insight, enabling teachers to use a PC to create tests, perform additional analysis, and chart test results. With Teaching Assistant, educators have a deeper understanding of overall class performance, including which subject or content areas that may need further emphasis.

Teaching Assistant is among more than 60 business applications offered by ITQ to help companies and schools alike capture, distribute, and manage their documents more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Industry Analyst Inc.                                                                     HyPAS Applications.

For more  information contact ITQ –

Tel:01635 874848

email: info@imagethrouquality.com

web: http://www.imagethroughquality.com

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